The 5 Keys To A Successful Blog

If you’re reading this post, the odds are that you are one of 2 types of people:

  1. The owner of a successful blog.
  2. The owner of an unsuccessful blog.

But what is it that is the deciding factor between the two? What have the successful bloggers done that the unsuccessful bloggers haven’t?

I call them:
The Five C’s

  • Committment
  • Connections/Communication
  • Content
  • Commenting
  • Contests/Competitions

Most bloggers are committed (or at least start out to be). They realize that a blog is not just something that they can spend an hour a week posting to. However, after a few weeks of this commitment, they don’t see results and fall away, and so too does the blog. Remember, good things take time. A blog will not become successful over night. To keep yourself motivated, set yourself some goals and track your progress, or get yourself into a routine.
Staying committed is probably the biggest factor in determining a blog’s success, as it entails all of the other factors: frequently writing good content, dropping comments on lots of blog, having contests and establishing connections.




When I was playing around in the world of affiliate marketing (months and months ago now) one major thing seemed to frequently spring to my attention: Each big marketer was constantly scratching the back of other marketers (in other words, they all helped each other grow to be bigger, more powerful marketers). What I have learnt is that bloggers are all the same. Take a look at this example I have for you of big blogs and how they interact. I see this almost everyday: John Chow is promoting Yaro, who is promoting Shoemoney, who is promoting John Chow. See the pattern evolving? Yes, it’s a circle of promotion. No wonder they are all big… they each have a huge force behind them giving them readers. Now I’m not saying to try and push your way into this circle. What I am saying is to take the time to have a conversation with some other bloggers and you might be talked about by them on their blog. Share them a bit of link love and there’s a good chance they will return it.
Honestly, answer yourself this question: Would you still check by John Chow’s blog if he was an unknown? All he talks about is food and blogging expo’s. People follow big bloggers because they are amazed at how big, popular and powerful they are.

Ahh… What can I say. Content Is King. We’re all constantly reminded of this, so there shouldn’t be any excuse for not having quality content. If you don’t know, the reason why you need good content is so that the visitors you obtain from your marketing and promotion will want to stay and read, and become loyal readers. If you get floods of traffic but have low quality, grammatically incorrect content then you are wasting your time marketing your site.

In my opinion, commenting is the best way to gain visitors that will actually read your content and comment on it. There are 3 reasons for this:
1. You are commenting on content related to your niche, and therefore visitors are targeted.
2. Most blog owners will check out the blog of someone who leaves a comment on theirs, and try to comment on that person’s blog.
3. You gain great exposure in your niche and establish connections.



Holding, sponsoring or participating in a contest is a great way to gain short term exposure and many more readers to your blog. You can gain readers by asking them to subscribe in order to have an entry, and the exposure comes from other bloggers posting about it if the contest is big enough or has high value prizes. It’s also a great way to get links.

35 thoughts on “The 5 Keys To A Successful Blog

  1. Commitment is definitely a must, without it the chances are you will not survive, after all its a dog eat dog world.

    Danny Coopers last blog post..Paid Links – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  2. Nice article, one thing that i might add to it is planning, a lack of planning will definitely test your commitment.

    Kahthans last blog post..Proper Keyword Research Part 2: The Long Tail Keyword

  3. You’re spot on about commitment. So many people start a blog or website expecting an instant windfall of cash. When it doesn’t happen immediately they lose interest and give up. And usually they give up just as they’re about to start making money! If only they hung in there a little longer they would have started seeing the rewards.

  4. I agree Kahthan – you have to plan your whole strategy and follow this closely with commitment – would have added it but it doesn’t start with “c” :(

    It amazes me how many people give up without a second shot, or when they become very close to a goal – you would think they would just lift their heads and keep going – time is always an issue though I guess.

  5. Wow, you really presented this information well in an interesting format. This are all things as an unsuccessful blogger that I already knew, but you made them hit home more. Thanks for the good read.


    P.S. You forgot 1 C… Congratulations…. you just earned another subscriber :).

    Adam – Creadiv.coms last blog post..Risk As It Relates To Blogging

  6. Haha, really forgot about that other C – thanks for subscribing

  7. I think I belong to the middle group of neither successful or unsuccessful but I’m loving your 5 C’s already. Yes, no man is an island so we need to leverage on our social network in order to survive in the online world.

    Blogging for Bloggerss last blog post..Blogging for Business

  8. Yeah, I probably should have made a group of the in-betweeners (like me) but it was the 5 “C’s” that I was really trying to push across
    Connections are key to success

  9. All 5 C’s are important. But the contest is somewhat different !!

    Chetans last blog post..Send E-mails with others E-mail IDs.[Fake Mail]

  10. What do u mean by it being “different”?

  11. I love how you made all the points start with the same letter. This is great for remembering! I think commitment is the key! Way to many bloggers give up before they even give their blog a chance to succeed!

    Tom – StandOutBlogger.coms last blog post..Update On Top100 Bloggers Position!

  12. You could have called this the 5 C’s to a successful blog. Good stuff!

  13. Commenting is indeed in the top 5 for sure, at least it has been for me.

    You really need a subscribe to comments type plugin though to keep the conversation going 😉

    Dennis Edells last blog post..Coming Soon? Yes They Are I Swear – I Need Your Advice First!

  14. great post Simon, I’ve always wanted to make a contest for my blog but the time is not yet to come :)

  15. @ Tom – Haha, I know, I never imaged the 5 keys would all start with the same letter either
    @ Dennis – thanks for the suggestion, I will be implementing one today

  16. Great post Simon, effective C’s of Blogging

    ZK@WebTrafficROIs last blog post..Are You Making Money with Your Blog ?

  17. The 5 Keys To A Successful Blog…

    If you’re reading this post, the odds are that you are one of 2 types of people:

    1. The owner of a successful blog.
    2. The owner of an unsuccessful blog.

    But what is it that is the deciding factor between the two? What have the successful blo…

  18. This article is right over the top! So many suggestions and I can say one is bad! It was a long read for me I can’t imagine the time it took you to construct this!

    Blogging is far harder than I even thought!

    bbrian017s last blog post..Top Blog Traffic Tips and Techniques – Increase your Blog Traffic

  19. I would say that updating your blog frequently, listening to your users, and submitting unique content is what will make your blog grow. I found your tips helpful too, thanks for sharing them.

    QuickPWNs last blog post..Install Flash Player iPhone App

  20. Brian – may I ask which one was bad so that I can try to improve it?
    QuickPWN – thanks, glad u find them helpful – you’re three points are all valid as well, especially in helping build a connection with readers

  21. Yeah sorry about that it was a typo lol I meant to say I can’t say even one was bad :)

    It’s a great list!

  22. That’s 7 C’s … :)

    Desk Coders last blog post..September Recap and October Goals

  23. i think the commitment part is indeed the most important and the hardest. some bloggers are able to get in the other 4 c’s in the beginning, but then they fizzle out. :(

    koujis last blog post..haiku poem: nature (sand)

  24. yeah like i said before, commitment is the one thing that gets tested the most. and i’ll say it again, its because people dont have realistic goals. they ‘hope’ that they will have x many visitors by month 2 but that number didn’t come with any realistic understanding of the industry they are in. then disappointment sets in.

    to me the top 2 c’s will make or break success..

    Kahthans last blog post..Adsense Focused Niche Site : Choosing a Niche

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  28. This is really a good read! Btw, Sorry I accidentally click on “bury this story” in blog engage… thought it was the next button, my bad!

  29. Very nice post man. I have the Commitment problem with my blog, but I snapped out of it and know is growing every day.

    Andrei Buius last blog post..A post about RSS

  30. Hi Simon,
    I agree that connections and networking are very important. You just can’t work alone in this almost impersonal IM world. It’s also through this that joint ventures, and other business partnerships take place.

    Peter Lees last blog post..Link Love-Links Round Up No.7

  31. I think the point you’ve made about sticking with it is crucial (oh look, another ‘C’!). You often hear the statistic that x thousand or million blogs are started every day, and yet how many of those stick around? Not many. A blog is like a tree – it takes time to grow.

    Rodney Smiths last blog post..10 Essential resources for Blogging

  32. I love the 5 C’s. This is a big learning experience for me, finding out what works and what doesn’t. It’s all trial and error. One way of promoting might be good for others, but not for you.

    Right now, I’m thinking of really hitting the social bookmarking sites. Remember, there’s no one way of gaining traffic.

  33. The time you put into your blog depends more on the niche than your commitment level. Make it known that its a weekly blog your publishing.

    I’d submit the 6th C – coitis. Successful bloggers don’t let the blog run their lives. Its perfectly fine to take down time and still be successful.

  34. Good stuff, and agreed….Content is King! Whether you’re building a blog or a traditional website.

  35. I definitely agree with everything you said there Simon. I just started a blog before Christmas and it is hard to start out but I’m sticking with it and hopefully it will get easier. What do you think about blogs with multiple authors?

    Also are their blog directories because I can never find blogs in my field football (soccer) that are active.


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