Technorati Authority Is Manipulated Too Easily

Technorati is the bloggers choice for ranking blogs, allocating bloggers a ranking anywhere between 1 and a few million. The number of blogs are always changing. Most bloggers seem to get a kick out of seeing this authority ranking improve and spend a lot of time concentrating on improving it. But today I was just thinking to myself just how inaccurate the Technorati authority ranking system, and all other ranking systems, such as Alexa, are on a whole. Their algorithms have so many flaws and ways to manipulate the system that it seems like it isn’t always the good blogs with the best authority ranks, but instead the blogs with the most manipulative minds behind them (no offense too anyone, just making a generalisation).

Although their list of the top 100 blogs can hardly be manipulated, I have seen manipulated authority rankings ranging anywhere from the top 2k to the top 150k. It appears that in this range of blogs, few rankings are determined by how much free stuff they give away or how much paid promotion they have done, rather than natural, in content links.

Ways In Which Bloggers Manipulate Technorati Authority Rank

  1. Purchasing bulk blog posts on hundreds of blogs over different C-Class IP’s – Head over to the link sales section of DP and you will see what I am talking about. For around $100 you can make your ranking go from 1,500,000 to 40,000 very easily.
  2. Commenting on hundreds of blogs of which you get in the top commentators widget – This method is free. I have found that most bloggers don’t even realize when commenting that there is a good chance of them getting one Technorati authority point because they are in the top commentators widget. I feel that including the links in this widget is inaccurate as the linking is not controlled by the owner of the blog, but by the commentator.
  3. Distributing free items – By distributing free items such as WordPress themes and widgets that include a link back to your blog bloggers can gain thousands of links counted by the Technorati authority system, effectively placing some blogs into the top 2k list even though they may have very minimal presence or traffic.

It’s not just Technorati authority that I feel can be easily manipulated. Alexa is probably even worse.

Case Study

Variable 1. A blank domain name with no site and no traffic, it is simply visited by me once a day to check my stats of this blog on. Alexa Rank = 700,000
Variable 2. A functional soccer website averaging about 20 visitors a day since I have neglected it and never visited by me. Alexa Rank = 5,800,000

Can you see how dodgy it is… Whatever rank you want can be controlled by you.

31 thoughts on “Technorati Authority Is Manipulated Too Easily

  1. Ouch…you are letting the cat out of the bag..Anyway I’m still clueless what Technorati rank is for, apart from having a badge to show off…


    Blog for Beginnerss last blog post..A – Z Blogging Guide for Beginners

  2. I agree, it’s easy to manipulate and I’m often surprised to see some crappy blogs to be in the top 100K. The think is that technorati checks for other blogs containing your link, but as you said you can trick that in a lot of ways (top commentator being one). There is not concept of “natural link” in technorati…

    Ben Tremblays last blog post..What is everybody doing? Do something else

  3. Simon,

    I quit worrying about all of these ranking systems, although I do keep checking them just out of curiosity.
    The ONLY thing that I think REALLY counts is where do you show up in the serps for your selected keywords.
    If I can get in the first ten of the Gserps for all of my sites, I am VERY happy.

    Rich Hill

    Rich Hills last blog post..How To Find Free Photos Online – Select by Color Scheme

  4. Then why should we believe all these worst Ranking system?

    Christmas 2008s last blog post..Technorati Authority Is Manipulated Too Easily

  5. Sometimes I don’t care about this ranking systems, because I know a lot of people manipulate the rank.

  6. I don’t look much into ranking most times. The only stats I check the most are from my cpanel back office.

    I see that my trafic increases and it makes me smile because that means I am doing something right if my traffic keeps going up every week

    Bruno Augers last blog post..Technorati Authority Is Manipulated Too Easily

  7. Christmas – you shouldn’t really. Follow them, stay up to date, but don’t get nuts over it.

    Dennis Edells last blog post..Technorati Authority Is Manipulated Too Easily

  8. Why is your commentluv showing your latest post and not ours?

    Dennis Edells last blog post..Technorati Authority Is Manipulated Too Easily

  9. Dennis, I’m not sure why, but it never used to – I did upgrade CommentLuv to the latest version yesterday when I upgraded to WP 2.6.3, so I may just uninstall and re-install it again

  10. Its similar to the way Google PR works I can have a crappy site with PR4 or PR5 v/s a great site with PR0 or PR1

    ZK@Internet Marketing Blogs last blog post..Technorati Authority Is Manipulated Too Easily

  11. It’s exactly like that – I have seen PR 5 domain on sites with no visitors whatsoever, while big sites have like PR 1 or 2

    What matters is the real traffic stats though

  12. Hey Simon,

    You’re quite right about Technorati being manipulative. Still everyone likes to see their authority going up and not down. Hey do you realize something strange on this post. Almost all the comments have their last post:”Technorati Authority Is Manipulated Too Easily”. Isn’t this manipulative…just kidding. It seems your last 10 post option does not work.You may want to check why this is so. Anyway, I unchecked(box) for mine so I’ll see if it picks up my last post. Tell me if it does.

  13. Yes, I have noticed that Peter – I installed a new version of CommentLuv yesterday and it seems to not be working properly – I am going to uninstall it and install the older one to see if it works

  14. You are right! Most of the ranking systems can be manipulated easily but again that is within the limits. To get on to the top 100 or 200 of any ranking system is a big thing!

    Regardless of the flaws in the system, some of the premium advertisers consider Google PR, Technorati, Alexa and the backlinks count as the base for approving your account.


    Ajith Edasserys last blog post..Technorati Authority Is Manipulated Too Easily

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  16. Some bloggers do manipulate technorati, Alexa, and even their # of subscribers just to make themselves look more successful than they are. Usually they’re exposed in the end for the fraud they are.

  17. They are both ridiculous in their rankings, they are so unrealistic about the true state of blogs. I don’t understand why a better system hasn’t come out yet, and why people are still using it. Everybody knows they are skewed, and yet everybody still uses them to judge who they advertise on.

    Jonathan Muller

    How to Blogs last blog post..Technorati Authority Is Manipulated Too Easily

  18. Yeah you’re right about saying manipulating Tech Auth.. It kinda sucks actually but I think it also requires some effort to get into the Top commentators list.. So its justifiable.

    Ben Peis last blog post..Technorati Authority Is Manipulated Too Easily

  19. At least with technorati the links fall off every 6 months which means that you have to constantly be seen as promoting yourself to remain on the top. One of the main reasons why I don’t bother with my technorati ranking.

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  20. Very interesting points. I have been thinking about this same subject for quite some time now, and there are many ways to manipulate the system. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish on your blog, this could hurt you, especially with advertisers.

    Good points.

    How To Make Moneys last blog post..Speciality WordPress Theme Released

  21. I knew this could be done but never looked into how to do it, looks like you’ve let everyone know now! lol

    Women’s Clothess last blog post..Speciality WordPress Theme Released

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  23. Great tips. Especially thanks for the website list. I tried figuring it out the hard way and clicking through the Top 100 sites on Technorati, but your list is a time saver!

  24. Haven’t really heard about the Technorati rankings, but yes, Alexa does have algorithms that have too many loop-holes. Well off course, it does consider quality back-links and the traffic on the sites to be the primary criteria for ranking that it offers. And also, it is just something to looks and be happy, it doesn’t really matter as much as some people seem to consider.

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  26. Agree on that.. Top Commentators commenting has earn me some points already.

    Erwin Tans last blog post..Unleashing The Niche Genius In You

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  29. Personally I don’t watch technocrati rank. Alexa rank is something else. It can’t be trusted too much but usually shows good stats.
    I found that about 2mln in Alexa is about 300-400 uniques for me.

  30. A lot of people manipulate the rank. Not just technorati but their Alexa, and even their number of subscribers. 😀

  31. I agree that a lot of these ranks are easy to manipulate so I take them with a grain of salt. IMO, the best rankings to look at are your search engine rankings since they’re the ones helping you with traffic and matter a lot.

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