Lost For Words?

As a blogger, I sometimes become lost for words and know just how hard it can be to come up with different articles that will interest my readers day after day, month after month, year after year. I mean, there are only so many things to talk about in one niche. However, when your stuck for ideas about a new post or article, there are 3 main ways that you can go about to discover some new and interesting topics that your readers WILL enjoy.

  1. Recent news in your niche that has created a lot of attention and buzz.
  2. Use the ideas of another blogger’s article/s that you particularly enjoyed.
  3. Answering question posed by members of forums in your niche.

Recent news in your niche that has created a lot of attention and buzz: I find that this is the kind of stuff that gives relief from the heavy daily schedule of bloggers. As a blogger, you can simply post your views on the new hyped up item or event and the post is fairly simple, but the readers will still thoroughly enjoy it. They are the ones creating all of the buzz around the new launch, so you are still writing for them. A good example of this is the launch of the Google Chrome browser, or the frequent WordPress upgrades.

Use the ideas of another blogger’s article/s that you particularly enjoyed: This one is very effective, as I have one simple thought towards this – “If I enjoyed reading this, then so will others enjoy reading my article about this topic.” It makes sense. If you like an article, chanes are someone else will too. You just need to write your post based around the same ideas as those in the article that inspired you to write it. Just search around many of the top blogs in your niche and you are bound to find something interesting easily.

Answering question posed by members of forums in your niche: Doing this will help your readers out a lot more than you may be interested in making the post. It will probably gain you many more readers as it is what they want, almost like from a questions and answers session on your blog. Simply search on forums in your niche for threads that pose a question to other members. For example, a thread titled “How do I track my blog’s stats?” may inspire you to write a detailed post with detailed images about installing different tracking codes on your blog, such as Google Analytics. The great thing about using this method is that there will always be people posting questions they want answered, and you can always promote your article to them in that thread because it is relevant to their needs. Trust me, they will highly appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “Lost For Words?

  1. Forums are a great place to find topics to write about. Just spend a few minutes scolling through threads and you can easily come up with a half dozen ideas for new articles.

    Mike Collinss last blog post..77 Creative Ways To Make Money Online

  2. Yes that happens to me too, and it’s perfectly fine to browse through other websites for news/articles but be sure to link back to them as your source and give credit. Also reword them into your own words and don’t directly copy off the content.

    QuickPWNs last blog post..Install Flash Player iPhone App

  3. i’m a big fan of writing a post inspired by another blogger. then you can link out to the person’s post as well. just helps to keep the online conversation going.

    koujis last blog post..haiku poem: friendship (loss)

  4. yeah good idea, though if you want popular content for your readers then look around at the top sites in your niche and look at the trends in the subject matter they write.. because listening to the few people who comment for your direction is usually a bad idea.

    Kahthans last blog post..Adsense Focused Niche Site : Choosing a Niche

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